Gama Espiral Plus



Gama Spiral Plus

  • SUCTION: Light, medium or heavy suction pipes for agricultural use or in the transport of water.
  • ALIMENTARY: Normal suction pipes for conducting and transferring alcoholic beverages or other food liquids.
  • HYDRO: Normal suction pipes for use in water drainage and swimming pools.
  • ELECTRIC: Flexible pipes of high mechanical resistance to protect electrical cables, telecommunications and fiber optic in buildings.
  • ASPIRATION: Pipes for intensive use in central or industrial vacuum systems.
  • VENTILATION: Pipes for intensive use in ventilation in aggressive environments


Dimensions and quantities

Ø(mm)L(mt)Dext.(mm)Pressão(bar)Vácuo(bar)Raio Curvatura(mm)
305037,25 bar0,65 bar150114080130501048
402548,05 bar0,65 bar200114080140251070
405048,05 bar0,65 bar200114080140401070
402559,85 bar0,65 bar250114080150251011
505059,85 bar0,65 bar250114080150401011
6025715 bar0,65 bar300114080160251015
702581,24 bar0,65 bar350114080170251018
752586,64 bar0,65 bar375114080175251019
9025102,84 bar0,65 bar450114080190201025

Technical documents