Gama Espiral Plus



Gama Spiral Plus

  • SUCTION: Light, medium or heavy suction pipes for agricultural use or in the transport of water.
  • ALIMENTARY: Normal suction pipes for conducting and transferring alcoholic beverages or other food liquids.
  • HYDRO: Normal suction pipes for use in water drainage and swimming pools.
  • ELECTRIC: Flexible pipes of high mechanical resistance to protect electrical cables, telecommunications and fiber optic in buildings.
  • ASPIRATION: Pipes for intensive use in central or industrial vacuum systems.
  • VENTILATION: Pipes for intensive use in ventilation in aggressive environments


Dimensions and quantities

Ø(mm)L(mt)Dext.(mm)Raio Curvatura(mm)Compressao(N)Impacto(J)
205024,680125 N2 N118110120501014

Technical documents