Gama Espiral Plus



Gama Spiral Plus

  • SUCTION: Light, medium or heavy suction pipes for agricultural use or in the transport of water.
  • ALIMENTARY: Normal suction pipes for conducting and transferring alcoholic beverages or other food liquids.
  • HYDRO: Normal suction pipes for use in water drainage and swimming pools.
  • ELECTRIC: Flexible pipes of high mechanical resistance to protect electrical cables, telecommunications and fiber optic in buildings.
  • ASPIRATION: Pipes for intensive use in central or industrial vacuum systems.
  • VENTILATION: Pipes for intensive use in ventilation in aggressive environments


Dimensions and quantities

Ø(mm)L(mt)Dint(mm)Pressão(bar)Raio Curvatura(mm)
2025167,3 bar100115090120201018
2050167,3 bar100115090120501016
2525207,3 bar125115090125201020
2550207,3 bar125115090125501020
3225277,3 bar160115090132251035
3250277,3 bar160115090132501035
4025355 bar200115090140201045
4050355 bar200115090140401045
5025435 bar250115090150251070
5050435 bar250115090150501070
6325555 bar315115090163251010
6350515 bar315115090163501010
7525655 bar375115090175251014
7525804 bar375115090190251018
110251003 bar550115091110251019