Gama Espiral Plus



Gama Spiral Plus

  • SUCTION: Light, medium or heavy suction pipes for agricultural use or in the transport of water.
  • ALIMENTARY: Normal suction pipes for conducting and transferring alcoholic beverages or other food liquids.
  • HYDRO: Normal suction pipes for use in water drainage and swimming pools.
  • ELECTRIC: Flexible pipes of high mechanical resistance to protect electrical cables, telecommunications and fiber optic in buildings.
  • ASPIRATION: Pipes for intensive use in central or industrial vacuum systems.
  • VENTILATION: Pipes for intensive use in ventilation in aggressive environments


Dimensions and quantities

Ø(mm)L(mt)Dext.(mm)Pressão(bar)Vácuo(bar)Raio Curvatura(mm)
202526,85,6 bar0,65 bar100111050120201030
252532,45,6 bar0,65 bar125111050125251035
255032,45,6 bar0,65 bar125111050125401035
302537,45,6 bar0,65 bar150111050130251042
305037,45,6 bar0,65 bar150111050130501042
325039,84 bar0,65 bar160111050132501045
352543,04 bar0,65 bar175111050135201049
355043,04 bar0,65 bar111050135401049
422550,24 bar0,65 bar210111050142251065
425050,24 bar0,65 bar111050142401065
502559,04 bar0,65 bar111050150251082
505059,04 bar0,65 bar250111050150501082
532562,24 bar0,65 bar265111050153251086
535062,24 bar0,65 bar265111050153501086
602569,24 bar0,65 bar300111050160251098
652574,44 bar0,65 bar325111050165251011
702580,44 bar0,65 bar350111050170201013
9025101,43 bar0,65 bar450111050190201018