Brings together a set of plastic piping systems applied to the exterior of buildings and public works. The two major groups are pressure and non-pressurized sewage, for the drainage of waste and rainwater, and pressure water supply systems.

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    Rainwater drainage

    Agricultural and civil drainage


    Ibotec presents a set of perforated polyethylene (PE) pipes, of high flexibility and mechanical strength, with two types of wall construction according to the UNE 53994 and adapted to the requirements of the installation:

    • Single wall (type C1) with a ring stiffness ≥ 2 kN/m2 (SN2)
    • Double wall (type C2) with a ring stiffness ≥ 4 kN/m2 (SN4) This range is strongly implanted in the civil construction market in works of underground non pressure drainage pipelines, with a high level of preference and satisfaction on the part of our customers. It is an excellent alternative to traditional systems (concrete and corrugated PVC), because it is light, with a high resistance to impact and diametrical compression and with reduced installation costs on site. It is framed in an environmental perspective associated with greater energy efficiency, which is achieved by the low consumption of raw materials and low energy production costs, which, associated with the excellent mechanical pipe characteristics, guarantee a solution of high quality and durability at very affordable prices.

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      Electric and telecommunications



      The 2WW double wall corrugated pipes (smooth inside) are made of polyethylene (PE) free from heavy metals and halogens, are flame spread and comply with EN 613861 and EN 6138624 for CE marking by the low voltage directive (2014/35/EU), with the technical rules RTIEBT and the ITUR regulation (ANACOM). Its profile provides good resistance to compression and impact, maintaining the flexibility that is relevant in an underground installation and facilitates the introduction of cables:

      • Series L250 (light impact and 250 N in compression)
      • Series N450 (normal impact and 450N in compression) Colour red (electricity) or green (telecommunications). Other colours (black, yellow or blue) on request. These pipes are supplied in 50 m rolls (with PET pull out conductor) or in 6 m rods including a cuff at one end that gives the joints an IP43 rating.