Since 1983

IBOTEC is a national company founded in 1983, part of the Fersil Group. It has always been a dynamic company focused on the most advanced solutions, constantly improving its manufacturing techniques. The main product, for many years, was flexible PVC hoses, which cover a wide range for garden irrigation and technical applications. However, knowledge of customers needs and desires contributed to the start of production in 1996 of pipes for electrical coating, telecommunication and fiber optic cables, as well as sleeves for protecting hot and cold water pipes.

Quality and service

In 2001, IBOTEC assumed the market leadership with the introduction of double-wall corrugated pipes for the electrical range and for drainage. In this era of growing competitiveness, demands and market needs, IBOTEC is increasingly investing in innovation, technological development and quality, with its Quality Management System certified by APCER and AENOR in accordance with the normative reference EN ISO 9001:2008. As a result of this commitment and these management principles, IBOTEC offers a wide range of products aimed at satisfying the needs of its Customers and which provide applications in various sectors of activity.