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      Agricultural irrigation

      AGROFIL Irrigation Tubes

      Good flexibility easy installation and use

      Polyethylene pipes for agricultural irrigation and other similar raw water, intended for tertiary branches. These tubes are characterized by their good flexibility, ease of installation and handling. They resist most chemical agents (fertilizers) well. They are not suitable for conveying drinking water, nor for buried installations not concreted. They are produced with recycled or reprocessed materials and only the dimensional control.

      Flat Hose Range

      Flexible PVC

      Flat flexible PVC hose with a polyester textile reinforcing mesh embedded in a single layer, using a more advanced technology: “One step production”. Anti-delamination system in which the mesh, completely embedded in flexible PVC, provides reinforced tensile strength.

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              Garden irrigation

              DUPLEX RANGE

              Double Reinforcement Technology

              Ibotec introduces the Double Reinforcement Technology (TDR) in Duplex range. This last generation technology, also named anti twist system, consists in an overlap of two polyester yarn stitches that, as can be seen in the pictures, avoids the torsion and the folds that obstruct the use and the recoiling of the garden-hoses. The flow of water remains constant and this allows the use of the hose with higher pressure, obtaining greater resistance to constant use and, therefore, more durability of the garden-hoses.

              DESIGN RANGE

              Hoses in flexible PVC for the most various applications, from food, to industrial use and gardening.

              ECOLÓGICA RANGE

              Economic and ecological hoses for the most various applications


              Hose for specialized irrigation, providing high water savings and drip irrigation.

              • DRIPER IRRIGATION KIT: Versatile and modular system, low pressure for watering gardens, gardens, planters, hedges and pots.